Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wentworth Computer Science College an officially recognised school?

Yes. Wentworth Computer Science College is a Ministry of Education approved satellite school (faculty) of Wentworth College (MoE number 484), a successful private school in Gulf Harbour, Auckland. All students will be enrolled as Wentworth College students, but will study at Wentworth Computer Science College in Newmarket.

Who is suited to attend Wentworth Computer Science College?

Any student, who has a real passion or interest in computers, the computer industry, Information Technology and Science-related subjects. Students should also have some talent or aptitude for these subjects.

Is there a Board of Trustees?

Yes. The Wentworth Board of Trustees is the governing body of Wentworth Primary School, Wentworth College and Wentworth Computer Science College.

What Qualification system will I study?

The Wentworth Computer Science College curriculum is predominantly taken from the Cambridge Assessment International Education (CIE) programme. The Cambridge curriculum is internationally recognized as a prestigious qualification, with 160 countries having schools using or studying this qualification. Their Information Technology and Computer Science curriculum are world-leading.  We also offer a number of industry-related certifications and qualifications.

Is there be a school uniform?

There is a school uniform for Years 9, 10 and 11, but no formal school uniform for Years 12-13.

Is this an academic Private school?

Yes, very much so. CIE is an academically challenging curriculum. The subjects studied are challenging, but for those who have a talent or passion for these subjects, it is immensely enjoyable and satisfying learning.

What if I find that after 1 year I have not got the passion for computer science education that I thought I had?

The curriculum is broad enough for you to easily complete your secondary education and gain entrance to a wide variety of courses at university.  Due to the academic nature of the CIE curriculum, you will be ahead of many of your peers once you reach tertiary education.

Is there an opportunity to study other subjects not offered at Wentworth Computer Science College?

Yes. We aim, in the future, to develop on-line classes with Wentworth College class teachers in subjects such as Marine Studies, Geography and History etc. There are also online Cambridge programmes available for some selected subjects online.

How is this school different to my/my child’s current school?

Wentworth Computer Science College has small classes providing an excellent teacher to student ratio. This campus of Wentworth College is focused on Digital Technology, Computer Science and other sciences therefore all students will have similar academic interests.   It is a school for students wanting to study a curriculum of interest to them, while still providing a quality education which will set them up for success in an IT, Science or Computer Science related field.

Do I need to buy special equipment?

Yes, all students need to bring their own laptop. Chromebooks or tablets/iPads are not appropriate.  Specifications for this device are given upon enrolment. As the curriculum develops further it is likely that there may be some additional small costs associated with the technologies that are being taught.

What size are the classes?

There will be a maximum of 20 students per class, though most classes have fewer students than this.

What if I like Art as well as computers?

Your art talent will be encouraged and fostered. Digital Media and Design is a subject that we offer. Students learn and develop creative digital arts, eg. Animation, graphic design, product design, CAD (Computer Assisted Design) or film industry related art design.

Are there be any social sciences offered at this school?

Yes, Years 9 and 10 students study Global Perspectives, a broad social science encompassing elements of geography, history and economics.  This leads on to Business Studies in their senior years.  Other social sciences may be offered or they could be taught online for interested senior students.