What is Wentworth Computer Science College?

“A school for the future”

An innovative, co-educational, private secondary school specialising in Computer Science, ICT and Digital Technologies, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) related subjects.

Wentworth Computer Science College has developed out of a recognition that the world and workforce of the future will have a heavy reliance on people with strong science, computer science and technology knowledge, skills and passion. Students at Wentworth Computer Science College have a focus on these STEM subjects throughout their high school years and our aim is to prepare them for a rewarding career in the wider computer science industries or for tertiary level study in this field.

Wentworth Computer Science College, operating in Newmarket, Auckland, is a satellite campus of Wentworth College. Wentworth College is a successful private school based in Gulf Harbour, Whangaparaoa, where in 2019, 100% of our domestic Year 13 students achieved University Entrance. The main campus has been in operation since 2002. The Wentworth Computer Science satellite campus has been established particularly for students who have a passion for Computer Science, Information Technology, the Sciences and related subjects.  Learn more  about our innovative curriculum

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Wentworth Computer Science College opened in Term 3 2020.  In 2021, Years 9, 10 and 11 will be offered and over the following years the school will grow to Year 13 in 2023.   It is expected that many students will achieve their university entrance qualification at the end of Year 12.  This will give them the option of doing further Cambridge subjects or focusing on special projects or industry related qualifications in Year 13.  This means they will enter university well prepared to study such degrees as IT, Computer Science, Engineering, and the Sciences, or go straight into the IT workforce.

It is clear that future high-paying career opportunities will be based on the skills and competencies from a STEM related curriculum.  The internationally recognised Cambridge Assessment International Education (CIE) programme from the University of Cambridge, England is studied in 160 countries. This qualification is acknowledged by universities throughout the world including all the “top” universities.

The curriculum aims to stimulate and extend all students, especially those ‘gifted’ students who have a talent and passion for the STEM subjects.