Supplementary Curriculum

The supplementary curriculum is one of the main points of difference for Wentworth Computer Science College compared to other secondary schools. Students have the opportunity to study additional digital technology and computer science relevant subjects and courses. Options for this can include Robotics, Web or App Development, Electronics and Advanced Programming.

Much of the supplementary curriculum will be provided by our strategic partners – Code Avengers.

Code Avengers is an online educational technology company who have created a broad range of digital technology programmes for learning online and to assist teachers to teach digital technology in schools. Throughout students’ years at Wentworth Computer Science College, students have access to various Code Avengers programmes. Teachers use the Code Avengers programmes to supplement their classroom learning. Some of these online learning programmes also give students real-world qualifications and they can start these right from the start in Year 9.

Examples of the Year 9-12 Supplementary Curriculum

IC3 Digital Literacy

  • A must-have for all students from a Year 8-9 level.
  • Covers online safety, cyberbullying, basic computer hardware and software skills

Microsoft Office Specialist

  • Another must-have for all students in Years 9 and above
  • 94% of businesses in New Zealand use Microsoft Office as well as most tertiary institutes too. There are a lot of transferrable skills from Google Docs, but this course gives great foundation skills

Microsoft Technology Associate

  • Best for students Years 11-13
  • This links into Code Avengers content – Good for students looking at IT as a career


  • Aimed at Years 10-13
  • Adobe is a critical component for taking ideas and presenting them, whether for infographics, data analysis, video, presentation or graphics


  • Aimed at Years 10-13
  • Autodesk software is a key step in product design and development. Full architectural support for blueprints, stress tests, floor plans, also 3D product design for prototyping, laser cutting, 3D printing, CNCing, and advanced special effects.

Please note, certifications are likely to incur additional course costs and external examination/certification fees which are not covered by tuition fees.

Year 13 Supplementary Curriculum

In Year 13 the supplementary curriculum really offers students something different. Year 13 students are likely to be able to enjoy a more flexible programme at Wentworth Computer Science College than at a typical school. Providing they have already achieved university entrance for their desired tertiary level course while in Year 12, they will have the option of studying further AS level subjects or A2 level subjects to complete their full A Level. Alternatively, they may decide to have a programme with a strong emphasis on industry-related qualifications and special projects. These will give students’ qualifications with which to enter the workforce.

Some of the supplementary courses and qualifications will include:


  • Ethical Hacking and Cyber Forensics – Fantastic foundational security skills that follow on from the MTA Networking Certificate


  • How to start up and develop a business

Leadership and Management

  • A course that teaches the key themes of leadership, team management, management and business culture

Interpersonal Skills Course

  • Working in a team environment
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Presenting skills ie, giving a presentation
  • Technique for public speaking


  • An opportunity to have “work experience” or internships in a IT company

University Relationships

  • A potential opportunity to link in with Auckland universities Computer Science department and course

Special Project

  • An opportunity to be mentored in developing your own project, eg app development or web development. Exploring and learning how to take an idea through to development and eventual launch of a product