Years 9 & 10 Subject Information

Students will study important core subjects to prepare them for their examination years. Their overall programme will be STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and Computer Science focused. Students will also have the opportunity to take more specialised supplementary subjects giving them exposure to a wide range of Computer Science and Digital Technology programmes.


English – This subject is a core subject for students in Years 9 & 10. English is an important subject and will be required in later years for University Entrance.

Mathematics – Mathematics is the foundation subject of technology, and encompasses both algebra and statistics.  A good grounding in this subject is important for understanding the fundamentals of Computer Science, ICT, Engineering, Chemistry, Physics and related Sciences and is another core subject.

Sciences (Combined) – This is a core subject that is important for specialising in other sciences in the senior years. Many technological university degree programmes require a good grounding in Physics and Chemistry and combined science will provide the foundation for these higher level subjects.

Global Perspectives – This core subject is an important social science for our junior students. Students will study various topics related to the world around them.

Computer Science-related subjects:

Information & Communication Technology – This subject will involve learning about computers and their applications.  The aim of this subject will be to improve student’s overall ability to use programmes to gather and process data effectively and to learn about emerging technologies.  This will include learning to use software such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Email as well as HTML and CSS to create websites, AI, VR and Robots.

Computer Science – Students will learn the fundamental principles of Computer Science and how computers work and how they are used to solve problems, e.g. hardware, software, computing language, modelling, fundamentals, problem solving, AI and computer security.  In Year 9, students will choose from the following electives: Game Design in Unity, Cybersecurity,   Competitive programming, Amazon Web Services, Machine Learning & AI, Augmented and Virtual Reality.

Introduction to Creative Media – Students will learn about using computers and software in design and art, this can include animation, Photoshop and Lightroom or other software usage, 3-D modelling and printing.  This subject will introduce students to using technology creatively to solve a problem or fulfill a client brief. 

Supplementary subjects:

  • Robotics
  • Electronics
  • Life skills/Exercise
  • Gaming and E-sports

Note: A full timetable of supplementary and complementary subjects will be provided upon enrolment. Above options are indicative only