Board of Trustees

Private school boards operate significantly differently to the state school ‘Boards of Trustees’.  A state school Board of Trustees is a Crown entity, made up of members of the school community, the school Principal, and staff and student representatives. By contrast, a private school board usually bears a closer relationship to that of a business Board of Directors, with the Directors chosen for specific skills relevant to that business.

Wentworth School and College is also a Charitable Trust. The role of the Wentworth Trust Board is to fulfil the vision of the Founding Document, created by our foundation Board members, “to create an outstanding educational institution based on traditional independent school values.”  This document will continue to underpin all governance decisions by current and future Boards.  Parents can therefore be confident in the Board’s ongoing commitment to our core values of academic excellence based on each student’s needs, access to co-curricular activities such as fine and performing arts and sports. A copy of the school’s Founding Document is available on request.


Bruce Tong – As foundation Principal of Wentworth College, and Wentworth Primary School, Bruce has spent the past 18 years leading the growth of this young school, and bringing to life the vision of its founders whose aim was to create a school where children were nurtured and encouraged in all aspects of their lives.  He has also been instrumental in the establishment of two other independent private schools.

Steve Wackrow – Steve has enjoyed an outstanding teaching career and his passion for education and wealth of knowledge of the sector, and of Wentworth (as foundation Deputy Principal), is of immense value to the Board and to the Wentworth schools.

Barbara Judge – Barbara brings extensive experience to her role on the Board. She has been a Board of Trustees member, as well as on the national body of the Board of Trustees Association. She has assisted schools in project management and with governance and training. Barbara has also worked for the Ministry of Education as a School Commissioner and, more recently, an Investigations Officer. She also has a background in human resources and mediation.

Mission Statement

The mission of Wentworth College is to create a world class co-educational school where every student is educated to achieve his or her full potential as a whole person; to create opportunities, expand horizons, reward effort and encourage excellence in an efficient, disciplined, caring and supportive environment; to foster equity, respect, self worth, interpersonal skills and a worthwhile value system, so enabling each student to make a lifelong positive contribution to society.


To deliver high quality education and development opportunities to the young people of the local and wider community, ensuring that they receive excellent preparation for ongoing education, acceptance of social responsibilities and work in an international environment. To achieve this, Wentworth College will:

  • deliver education and development opportunities of the highest quality;
  • be at the forefront in the personal development of young people;
  • care for our staff and ensure that they reach the highest levels of professional competence;
  • continually enhance our unique values, standards and traditions;
  • continually assess the changing needs of our community and reflect these in the operation of the school.

Guiding Principles and Values

The delivery of high quality education is the cornerstone of the Wentworth College philosophy. A rigorous and challenging curriculum that is well taught is essential if students are to fulfil their ambitions as responsible, well-informed and useful citizens. High academic standards, and participation in national qualifications and examinations, are considered to be of vital importance.
The development of worthwhile communal values is a major function of the College. When students join a school they become contributing members of an extended family of students and staff. The school community with its values, social interaction and leadership opportunities is an important factor in the personal development of young people, engendering group loyalty and mutual support.

The school will demand a high level of personal conduct and behaviour. Students are expected to behave in a manner that makes Wentworth College a pleasant and civilised place where students show consideration for others and develop self-discipline.

The College will recruit highly qualified staff who, as role models for students, will be expected to reflect the school’s value system in their own conduct. The staff dress code is that which is regarded as appropriate to any member of a profession in the business community.